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Yunteng quick release plates 998 880 691 for VCT-998 880, 588, 8008, 870, 860 950 691

Yunteng series quick release plates are the perfect accessories for Yunteng tripods. We offer three different models to suit a variety of Yunteng tripods: 998, 880 and 691. Each model is designed to provide a safe and fast installation for your camera, ensuring a stable and reliable photography experience. No matter which type of cloud tripod you are using, our quick installation board provides you with a simple and efficient way to install your camera. With its lightweight and durable structure, you can trust that your camera will be safe, while you focus on capturing the perfect lens. The Yunteng series quick release version bid farewell to time-consuming settings and enjoy a worry free photography experience.


    Brand  BEXIN
    Model  998/ 880/ 691
    Material  plastic
    Weight  46g/ 35g/ 27g
    Size  80*65mm/ 62*68mm/ 58*51mm
    Screw  UNC1/4"
    Package  PP bag

    Product Advantages


    Lightweight, small in size, and particularly convenient to carry.

    Durable structure

    The manufactured structure is very sturdy and made of durable and thick plastic.

    Easy to install

    And equipped with UNC1/4 "screws for easy installation.

    product features

    Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, these quick mounting plates are a must-have accessory for your Yunteng tripod.  Don't let cumbersome setup procedures stop you from capturing your best moments.  Buy the Yunteng Quick Mount Plate now to improve your photography.

    • The product features include the following:
    • The size of the 998 model is 80 * 65mm, suitable for the Yunteng VCT-998 tripod. Its weight is only 46 grams.
    • The 880 quick release board is the ideal choice for Yunteng 880, 588, 8008, 870, 860, or 950 tripod users. The single board size is 62 * 68mm, and the weight is only 35g.
    • The size of the 691 quick release board is 58 * 51mm, which is compatible with the Yunteng 691, 60AV, 288, 930, 558, and 6008 tripods.
    • Made of high-quality plastic and equipped with UNC1/4 "screws for easy camera installation. It is also packaged in a PP bag for additional protection.
    998 880 691 (1)eib998 880 691 (2)jse998 880 691 (3)ros998 880 691 (4)dt8998 880 691 (5)4ml