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BEXIN L130-50 Universal Camera L Bracket Quick Release L Plate 1/4 Inch Screw for Camera

This vertical shooting board, model L130-50, is made of aluminum alloy and features 9 1/4-inch screws, making it suitable for most photography equipment. Its anti-slip rubber pad and center screw hole design make it very stable, providing photographers with a more reliable shooting experience. The design and material of this vertical shooting board ensure its stability and compatibility, providing photographers with more creative possibilities.


    Brand  BEXIN
    Model  L130-50
    Material  aluminum alloy
    Standard  Arca Swiss
    Weight  134g
    Size  135*75*50mm
    Screw  UNC1/4"
    Thread  UNC1/4" & 3/8"

    Product Advantages


    The anti-slip rubber pad and center screw hole design ensure that the board is stable and secure, providing a reliable shooting platform for photographers.


    With 9 1/4-inch screws, this board is suitable for most photography equipment, making it versatile and widely compatible.


    The use of aluminum alloy provides durability and strength, ensuring that the board can withstand regular use and provide long-lasting performance.

    product features

    This L plate features an aluminum alloy construction, making it lightweight and durable, while adhering to the Arca Swiss standard for strong compatibility with various photographic equipment. With a weight of 134g and dimensions of 1357550mm, it offers stability and support without being cumbersome. 

    • The product features include the following:
    • Material: Aluminum alloy - Aluminum alloy is lightweight and durable, making the support sturdy yet not adding too much weight, convenient for carrying and use.
    • Standard: Arca Swiss - Arca Swiss is a standard for photographic supports, known for its universality and strong compatibility with various photographic equipment and support accessories.late.
    • Weight: 134g - The lightweight design makes the support easier to carry and use, especially convenient for situations requiring movement and adjustment.gles.
    • Screw: UNC1/4" - The use of this screw specification allows compatibility with a wide range of photographic equipment and support accessories, demonstrating universality and strong compatibility.gles.
    • Thread: UNC1/4" & 3/8" - The support features two different thread specifications, allowing adaptation to different types of photographic equipment and support accessories, enhancing flexibility and versatility in use.s angles.
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