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Shanghai International Photographic Equipment Exhibition: Domestic rookies and international giants show off their hard power at the same venue



From August 10th to 12th, the Shanghai International Photographic Equipment and Digital Imaging Exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, the 39th China Shanghai International Wedding Photography Exhibition, the 2023 Shanghai International Children's Photography Exhibition, and the 2023 E-commerce Industry Conference and Live Broadcast The Equipment Technology Application Exhibition and the 2023 Shanghai International Wedding Dress, Makeup Styling and Fashion Accessories Exhibition will be held concurrently.

This P&I is the one with a larger scale, more exhibitors and more popularity since 2019. At the exhibition, the world's mainstream photographic equipment and accessories manufacturers all set up large booths, and the faces who came to inquire about business also came from all over the world.



At the makeup styling and fashion accessories exhibition site, makeup artists are doing beauty demonstrations for the audience.


At the Shanghai International Photographic Equipment Exhibition, a domestic lighting equipment manufacturer introduced its products to the girls. With the rise of live streaming, online self-media and other industries, more and more female faces have appeared at equipment exhibitions.



At the booth of a wedding dress brand, there was an endless stream of merchants coming to inquire.


Lucky Film, once the light of China, has now become a large photo paper manufacturer.


At a domestic lighting equipment booth, exhibitors introduce their latest products to photography enthusiasts.


An exhibitor from India came to the booth of a lighting equipment manufacturer to inquire about cooperation.


At the booth of the domestic lens brand "Laowa", exhibitors introduced the company's new products to photography enthusiasts. In recent years, many domestic optical brands have relied on their unique market positioning, stable quality control and high cost performance to not only break the strong domestic position of international optical brands, but also go global and gain a large number of loyal overseas users.


The audience enthusiastically played with the company's special lenses for producing videos.


Canon invited models to the booth, prepared the latest cameras, and invited the audience to take photos and experience them.


At the Fuji booth, a colorful lizard was placed in a highly realistic sand table for photographers to try out.


Sigma, an optical manufacturer from Japan, showed off its flagship product, the 200mm-500mm aperture 2.8 "human cannon" at the scene. The price of more than 200,000 has become the most expensive lens of the factory.


Sigma invited portrait photographer Wu Xiaoting to introduce its creative methods to the audience.


Nikon, a long-established Japanese photographic equipment company, set up a stage full of Chinese style at the scene and invited photographers to take pictures.


At the exhibition, the booths where models were photographed were crowded.