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UNC 1/4" 3/8" M8 Screw Tripod Accessories Universal Camera Tripod mini Foot Pad small Feet Spike for Tripod Monopod

This BEXIN mini foot mat is made of high quality plastic material, which is strong and durable. Not only can effectively prevent sliding, but also has super moisture-proof performance, so that your use experience is more comfortable. At the same time, there are several model sizes to choose from 1/4, 3/8 M8, even in wet environments can be safely used. In addition, its small size and light weight also make it a must-have choice for you to travel, go out and other scenarios. If you're looking for a high-quality, practical tripod, it's perfect for a variety of scenarios. Come and buy!


    Brand BEXIN



    plastic + iron





    Thread  UNC1/4" 3/8'' M8''

    UNC 1/4" 3/8" M8 Screw Tripod Feet Spike

    Product Advantages


    The  model is made of high-quality plastic and is lightweight.


    The FT-08/FT-07/FT-06 model is made of high-quality plastic and has a sturdy structure, making it durable.

     Compact size

    It measures27*28mm and weighs only 10-19g, making it easy to carry.

    product features

    Monopod non-slip plastic foot pad, at the same time, it also uses a unique design, can effectively prevent the tripod and the ground friction generated static electricity, thus ensuring the safety of the foot. In addition, the foot pad also has excellent anti-slip performance, which can effectively protect your feet from the outside environment. Both monopod and bipod are easy to use.

    • The product features include the following:
    • Tripod Mini foot pad Inch 1/4 3/8 M8 Universal non-slip foot pad Triangle bracket Plastic foot studs
    • Made of high-quality plastic material, strong and durable, plastic has non-slip effect, more stable support.
    • Screw installation, easy to disassemble, small foot pad, easy to carry out shooting, suitable for all kinds of monopod and tripod.