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St-4 Desktop Mini Tripod Camera Holder Monopod Support Base

BEXIN ST-4 is a desktop tripod mini tripod monopod support base with 3/8-inch screws, suitable for tripod monopod ball head support DSLR cameras. Maximum load of 15 kilograms, made of aluminum alloy and all metal.

When closing the legs, it can be used as a comfortable handle, paired with a camera, to capture outstanding videos. Adopting a press type opening and closing design, it is easy to quickly store and unfold. The quick folding function makes the tripod easy to carry and store. By rotating the red knob upwards, the base acts as a spherical gimbal, allowing for 360 ° rotation and providing more shooting options.

The ST-4's tripod design emphasizes stability and flexibility, making it suitable for scenes that require relatively small support devices such as desktop photography. Its compact structure and portability make it a practical tool suitable for various shooting environments.


    Brand BEXIN
    Model ST-4
    Material aluminum alloy
    white box

    Product Advantages

    Strong compatibility

    3/8 threads can be directly paired with mini projectors, gimbal stabilizers, tripods, phones, digital SLR cameras, cameras, etc., as a stable support.

    Strong flexibility

    Built-in spherical joint and side 90 degree concave structure. It can easily achieve 90 ° tilt and 360 ° rotation, providing more shooting angle options.

    Strong stability

    The ST-4 adopts an extended design for its single foot length, with a toe span of up to 36CM, making it more stable during use and helping to prevent shaking and swaying.

    product features

    • The product features include the following:
    • This mini tripod features a 3/8 "screw mount, which is compatible with 3/8" threaded hole tripods and ball heads.
    • Adopting high-strength aluminum alloy all metal structure and advanced CNC machining technology. Strong and stable. The load reaches 15 kilograms.
    •  The base is 14cm above the ground and has a single foot length of 20cm. It adopts an extended design to provide users with more stable support.
    • Equipped with a built-in spherical joint, the mini tripod can rotate 360 ° and tilt 45 ° in any direction; A 90 ° notch on the side helps to quickly and accurately switch from a horizontal horizontal position to a vertical vertical position.
    • A thick anti slip foot pad is equipped at the bottom to provide additional friction and prevent the mini tripod from sliding or shifting during use.