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Camera clamp panoramic shooting clamp For arca plate dslr camera tripod

The QJ-07 is the perfect solution for capturing stunning panoramic photos with ease and precision. With its 360° pan-swivel capability, this innovative device makes it easy to capture stunning panoramic images from any angle. Whether you're a professional photographer or an enthusiast, the QJ-07 is an essential tool to take your photography to the next level.The QJ-07's bottom card slot is removable and can be seamlessly attached to your camera or smartphone. This feature ensures a secure and stable connection, giving you peace of mind to focus on capturing the perfect shot. The base also rotates 360° horizontally, providing unparalleled flexibility and freedom of movement. You can trust the QJ-07 to deliver smooth, seamless rotation, producing stunning panoramic images every time.


    Brand  BEXIN
    Model  QJ-07
    Material  aluminum alloy
    Standard  Arca Swiss
    Weight  105g
    Size  88*24*50mm
    Slot width  38mm
    Screw  UNC1/4"

    Product Advantages

    Mini portability

    Weight only 105g and can be carried out without pressure.

    Knob can be turned outward

    The horizontally rotating knob can be turned outward to adjust the angle of the knob.

    1/4 and 3/8 conversion screws

    Can be used to connect 1/4 and 3/8 interface equipment, with strong versatility.

    product features

    To sum up, the QJ-07 360° horizontal panoramic shooting provides a comprehensive solution for capturing stunning panoramic images.   Featuring a removable bottom card slot, precise graduations and durable construction, the QJ-07 is the perfect companion for photographers who demand precision, versatility and reliability from their equipment.  Whether you're shooting landscapes, architecture, or group portraits, the QJ-07 is sure to take your photography to new heights.

    • The product features include the following:
    • The clamp is equipped with precise scales for precise adjustment and positioning. 
    • A side level ensures your camera is perfectly aligned, while the clamp locking knob ensures a secure and stable connection. 
    • A flat level calibrator ensures your images are level and distortion-free, while a 360° horizontal rotation scale and panoramic lock knob provide further control and precision.
    • Despite its sturdy structure, the QJ-07 is still very light, weighing only 105 grams. Its size is 88 * 24 * 50 millimeters.
    • Featuring a 38mm slot width and UNC1/4" screws, the QJ-07 provides a secure and customizable mount for a variety of cameras and smartphones. 
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