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BEXIN Quick Release Plate Telephoto Zoom Lens Bracket Nodal Slider Lens Support Plate Rail for Tripod Ball Head Camera DSLR

BEXIN P250 aluminum alloy material can be disassembled into 250*38mm telephoto plate + double-sided clamp, weight 492g, 4 level telephoto can be split into 2 single-sided clamp, release the knob, double bayonet up and down can achieve horizontal movement of the clamp, thickened height, stable and not sway, multi-purpose, with non-slip rubber pad. Macro adjustment quick mount set, easy to deal with telephoto camera lens movement trouble!


    Brand BEXIN
    Model P250
    Material Aluminum Alloy
    Size 250*80*43mm
    Weight 350 g
    Thread  UNC1/4"
    Quick release fast load plate slider holder macro clamp for camera

    product features

    If you want to take sharp and clear photos, then check out our cross-border Macro Adjustment Quick Mount kit, which is designed for telephoto camera lenses and can be easily fixed to the head, allowing you to capture great moments anytime, anywhere. In addition, we also provide quality after-sales service to make your shopping experience more peaceful and pleasant. Come and buy!

    • The product features include the following:
    •  Telephoto quick mounting plate 250*38, Ya Jia standard telephoto quick mounting plate, 1/4 and 3/8 mounting camera handle screws
    •  Double-sided clamp, loosen the knob to achieve horizontal movement of the clamp, no need to disassemble the camera, you can move the camera to change the distance.
    • CNC anodizing treatment, meticulous workmanship, durable.